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ENG Equipment

Linked on Camera by Cables or Radio Linked or on Recorder

ENG  SYSTEM  Standard configuration:

Audio on camera or on dedicated recorder

2 x Receiver WiSyCom MPR52

4 Tie Microphone Sennheiser MKE2/1

Mixer Soundevice 302 3 channels1

Recorder SoudDevice 633

1 HF Radio Headphone for Director Sennheiser

1 Plug-On Evolution500 Sennheiser radio boom

1 Microfphone Boom  Sennheiser 1/2 s-gun   MKH416

Recording System on Flight case

For Cinema Recording

1 Recorder Sound Devices 744T 4 channels, 24  24 bit/192 KHz, HD/CF + Time Code4 /or Sounddevices 633 0r 688

5 HF Radio Mics Evolution 500 Sennheiser5 Tie Microphone Sennheiser MKE21

Splitter Antenna Sennheiser2 Antenna Active Sennheiser

1 Recorder (spare)Recorder 633

4 HF Radio Headphone for Director Sennheiser.

Sound Devices 744T

Digital Recorderder

4 channels, Time Code, 24 e 16 bit, max 192 KHz,e 16 bit, max 192 KHz,.

Sound Devices 633

Sound Devices  633  Compact Recorder/Mixer integrated 6 Tracks in recording

Field Mixer

1 Mixer Soundevice 302 3 channels

Edirol Multi Traks Recorder

Digital Recorder

 4 Digital Recorder Edirol R-44 audio 4 channels 24 bit/96 kHz.

Used for Students of Training Program at Galeano Lab

H4 Zoom Recorder

1 Digital Recorder Zoom H4 stereo mic X/Y

Used for Students of Training Program at Galeano Lab

H2 Recorder

1 Digital Recorder Mic  Zoom H2 for surround 4 channels  W-X/Y.

Steady Boom Stand

Steady Boom Stand

Steady Boom System made in Galeano Lab (Torino ITA) integrated with Boom Audio & Video System(Bruz FRA).

Tie Lavalier Microphone

5 Tie Microphone Sennheiser MKE2

Countryman B6

2 Lavalier Countryman B6

Radio Microphones

4 HF Radio microphones Evolution500 Sennheiser poket for ENG.


1 Boom AudioTecnica 4,00 m.

1 Boom K&M  3,80 m.

1 Boom Rode  3,30 m.

1 Boom Ambient  5,20 m.


2 Rycote  windshields


1- Intercom system 5 headphones TW (cavo)

1- Sennheiser HF Radio Hedphone ENG 


Zoom F8


8 channels Recorder

Used for Students of Training Program at Galeano Lab

Plug-on for Radio Boom

2 Plug-On Evolution500 Sennheiser radio boom

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