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Angelo Galeano Ski World Cup
Angelo Galeano in Live Sport Events
Muxing and Demuxing

Sound Engineer A1/A2:


  • Mixing and recording dialogue for Cinema and Television

  • Recording and editing natural wild tracks

  • Mixing and recording with wearable equipment

  • Mixing in a liveTV show

  • Playing Live keyboards with recorded items (Foley Live)

  • Mixing and recording Audio Broadcast in Live Sport Events (A1/A2)



Microphones Engineer:


  • Determine microphone types and what they are best used for;

  • Using and placing of exposed and hidden lavalier microphone (advertising, interviews, films, documentaries, shooting, eng);

  • Wireless frequency analysis of systems & techniques

  • Boom operator;

  • Parabola Mike Operator (Telinga);

  • Radio Microphones (Sennheiser, Shure, Wisycom);

  • Commentary Position (Saro, Glensound, A&Q Mpac2);

  • Ambiente Multi Channel Microphones (Soundfield);

  • Phonak earphones;

  • Placing microphones for shows and various sports like: Football, Tracks, Motorbike Races, Skiing, Boxing, Volleyball, Hockey, Ski Jumping, Bobsleigh, Skeleton, Cross Country, Nordic Combine, Biathlon Powerboats.

  • Field recording Sound Devices (744, 788, 633, 688)

  • Diver Padi license (hydrophones)




Broadcast Assistant A2:


  • Cabling for tv studios,

  • Cabling for sport venues, sports facilities indoor and outdoor, summer and winter venues;

  • Using optical fibers, connections, welding, testing;  (FlashLink, Artel Digi Link, Acrobat, Rocknet)

  • Using Mediornet Compact Pro, Riedel Rocknet 100, Acrobat intercom System, intellinet;

  • Operating Assistant Protools;

  • Using Intercom System (Saro, CMAPSI, Artist);




Work Skills:


  • Working in demanding situations

  • Teamwork

  • Coordination of working groups




More Info:



  • Project Manager for Multimedia projects from 1999 to 2003 (Cliomedia srl, Celys srl)

  • Diver Padi license (hydrophones)



Education and Studies:


  • BTP Broadcast Training Programme for Olympics 2006

  • Postgraduate in Sound Engineering at Virtual Reality Multi Media Park – Torino in 2003

  • Graduated qualification in New Media (Torino University) with a research study titled “The Faces of Voices: Synthesis and Voice Recognition on Human and Computer Interaction” in 2001

  • Graduated in Science of Communication at - Università degli Studi di Torino.

  • Secondary School Degree Technical Industrial Institute- Electronic and Telecommunication.






  • Sailing Dinghies

  • Diving

  • Football



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